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Why are there three different packages offered and which one and why to choose?

Some customers want a comfortable and fast turnkey house solution while others would like to be more involved in the house construction, for example, by doing the interior finishing themselves. Depending on the extent of the works the customer wants to carry out or organize, we offer three different packages:

1. What is the factory package and what does it include?

This package is suitable for DIY builders and those who want to participate more in the process of the house construction, but yet have it done as fast as possible and use secure solutions developed by engineers. The package includes the architectural, water supply, sewerage, electricity, heating and ventilationblueprint project. Our factory will produce you the main elements and structures you need: external walls, internal load-bearing walls, false ceiling elements and trusses / roof carriers. These products are stored in the stock of our factory in Viljandi and can be ordered and assembled on the plot for additional cost.

In order to install the electrical wiring faster and easier, we have installed plastic pipes, branch boxes and outlets in the external and bearing interior walls. Additionally, the switches and plugs locations are already comfortably in place in accordance with the electrical project. External walls of the house are built on a double frame and the vapor barrier film is installed between the two frames to speed up the electrical works and avoid the film getting damaged during the wiring installation.

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

2. What is the prefabricated house and what does it include?

The package includes the architectural, water supply, sewerage, electricity, heating and ventilationblueprint project. The house is made up from modules that already have all the wiring, electrical shield, water and sewer pipes installed. The house will be constructed on the site with all theinterior works (painting, tiling, window sills installation) completed. The house is fitted with windows and doors as well as balconies and balcony partitions. The exterior works are completely finished, the roof covering (parapets / eaves box works are completed), gutters and exterior window sills are installed. The façade of the house is fully completed and you can immediately continue with interior finishing.

The price does not include acquiring a building permit (depends on the municipal rules), foundation (depends on the soil of the plot), interior finishing (including painting and tiling) or installations after painting and tiling works (interior doors, switches and plugs on the wall, sanitary equipment, radiators, heating and ventilation devices of secondary rooms, lighting, furniture and landscaping).

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

3. What is the turnkey package and what does it include?

The house is finished inside and out.

The price does not includeacquiring a building permit (depends on the municipal rules), foundation (depends on the soil of the plot), lighting, furniture or landscaping.

How long does it take to build the house?
Factory package production process may take up to a month, production and assembly of the turnkey house takes 4-5 months. The foundation is usually constructed simultaneously with the house.

Is it possible to order the project only?
From us, you can order a special project exactly to your needs.

I have chosen the house, but I do not have a land yet – what should I do?
We or our partners will assist you in finding a suitable plot.

What is the price if the location of the plot lies 200 km from Tallinn?
Usually, it does not considerably change the price of our products or assembly of the house. In most cases, the additional cost will remain within 1,000 euros, depending on the exact location of the plot.

Can the interior layout be changed?
The interior layout can be changed in any way. In case you have not found the suitable solution from our choice, it is possible to create a new one to your wishes and needs.

But the external layout – can there be any changes made?
It is possible to make some changes in the external layout as well. However, the detailed plan limitations for finishing materials and architectural requirements must to be followed.

I have chosen the house, but it does not have a garage – is it possible to attach it?
Adding a garage or car shelter to the house is possible, but you must always take into account the construction site and the requirements of the detailed plan in case where the garage is a separate outbuilding on the plot.

Is it possible to design a completely new house?
Our architects are happy to find a new solution if you have not found a suitable house project from our catalog.

I like the architectural style of the house offered, but because of the shape of the land it cannot be constructed on the building area. What should I do?
It is necessary to specify the building area of the plot and the detailed plan requirements for the building. Usually, it is possible to adjust aproject to the existing plot.

What documents are needed before applying for the building permit?
Extract of the detailed plan and / or design criteria.
The geodetic base plan of the plot in electronic form
Technical conditions of water and sewerage
Technical conditions of electricity supply

The interior layout does not include a sauna ora fireplace. Is it possible to add these?
If to change the interior layout of the house, it is usually possible to attach both a sauna and a fireplace. However, adding new rooms can reduce the number and size of bedrooms and their ease of use for houses less than 90 m².

How long does it take to construct a factory package on the plot?
Depending on the size and type of the house as well as the location of the plot, it takes 2-5 days.

Do you have stone houses in the catalog?
Yes, we offer the design and construction of stone houses.

Should I choose a stone house constructed on the site or a house produced in factory?
In either case, it is possible to achieve first-class quality. However, we do not build timber frame houses on the plot, as it is hard to guarantee the best quality in our climate.

How does a house built on the site and differ on the outside from the house built in factory?
For our houses, you cannot see any visual difference. No-one can say whether it is a factory-built house or a stone house built on the site. In both cases, the house façade is covered by plaster and the same construction boards are used inside.


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