Engineering and building of Social Housing

We build and engineer a wide variety of social buildings. Different types of rooms such as single dormitories, family rooms and rooms with wheelchair access are available.

Production of wall elements

We manufacture houses both to customer project and our architects design. We are familiar with the building requirements and have carried out works in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, France and Germany. Among our clients are private customers as well as construction and real estate businesses.

Complex solutions for developers

Designing and manufacturing terraced houses and other types of buildings.

Producing private houses of modules

Using room modules is a suitable solution especially for building larger residential areas or if a customer orders an example house.

Designing and manufacturing apartment houses of modules

We are experienced in manufacturing both private houses and apartment buildings. In order to have a modular house constructed, we recommend you to use our architectural solutions only, as it takes into account the special requirements of the modules.

Engineering services

Apartment buildings, detached houses, terraced houses, housing estates
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