We build houses of elements as well as finished modules

We build houses of elements as well as finished modules. For some of the buildings, we use both technologies together. 

For element houses, the walls, intermediate ceilings and roof slab elements are produced in the factory and assembled on site. As for elements, we can flexibly produce both to the customer’s project as well as our architect’s design. Usually it is possible to produce and assemble any building of elements.

A finished module is a part of the building with a floor, walls and ceiling assembled in the factory. As a rule, prefabricated buildings are designed by our architects or the customer’s architect has already taken into account the specificities of the modules. One finished module can include several smaller rooms. As the ready module is a closed element, the factory is able to do the following:

- Install doors and windows.
- Carry out the interior finishing works for most of the rooms of up to 80% (including ceramic tiles and floor coverings installation).
- Carry out most of the exterior finishing works (for light exterior finishing materials).
- Install all piping and cable systems in finished modules (electricity, water supply, sewerage, ventilation, connections, security systems, TV, sprinkler system, etc.)



- Install all the bathroom fixtures and furnishings (taps, toilet bowls, bathtubs, sinks, shower cabins, etc.)
- Install kitchen and bathroom furniture and household appliances.


In most cases, the measurements of Trebuild Modular Homes finished modules are as follows:


The finished modules produced in the factory are transported on site and installed on the foundation, which is usually finished at the same time the modules are produced in the factory. The modules are transported in vehicles and vessels. As a rule, the maximum measurements of the modules are as follows:  



A building can consist of several finished modules. Usually, the number of ready modules used in buildings is as follows:

- Private buildings: 1–8
- Apartment buildings: 10 or more (no restrictions)

The weight of one finished module is usually up to 20 tons.
Installing one ready module on foundation takes 20-60 minutes.



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